INFORMATION BOARDS - RGB displays also known as led screens, led billboards, digital billboards, electronic billboards are becoming more and more popular throughout the world thanks to dramatic improve in quality and price decrease over the last few years, These products are used more and more through the world, They are replacing static outdoor billboards allowing the user to change content immediately over the internet without having to send a team of workers to replace static images

SCOREBOARDS - Our robust scoreboards come in aluminium enclosures and can be used for indoor or outdoor applications, depending on your needs. Various character heights are available for your scoreboard and you can choose from dot matrix letters or 7 segment digits. The dot matrix option allow more flexibility regarding what you would like to display on your board. Perhaps you want to display names and numbers in various colours then this option would be best. The 7 segment digits come in various colours and heights to suit your needs and only displays scores, vinyl lettering or slide in letters would be used to display the team names and other information.