Today’s classrooms are hubs of technological innovation. With so much interactive technology is available, forward-looking schools are turning to advanced technology that is transforming the way education happens in classrooms in South Africa and across the world.

ITS has made school technology, data and software a major focus area for our efforts to connect the world in more meaningful ways. We have sourced e-learning technology that is highly reliable and developed specifically for the classroom environment – centred on the experience of the learner and the educator. E-learning is showing overwhelming promise in so many schools already, and more are set to take up the technology and keep up with advances as they become available. ITS is at the forefront of these efforts in South Africa – our mission is to bring the best possible quality of learning to as many as possible.


Moodle is a learner management system with over 68 million users around the world. It serves educators and learners globally, allowing educators to conduct courses online or to use it as a support for face-to-face teaching.

It’s not just for schools, though: it’s adaptible for universities, corporate training, business learning, long-distance training and more. It has a range of features that makes the learning and teaching processes as simple as possible: sharing content, planning lessons, recording lectures, looking up information and more are all built into the system. Moodle makes it easy to create courses and lessons for learners and trainees in a user-friendly environment. Exams, assignments and assessments can all be done with the online system, and all progress is tracked for all users in a secure and manageable central hub.

Ask us about how Moodle can help your school or business make learning a truly connected experience.