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The key to any successful enterprise’s communications systems is reliability; availability drives productivity when it’s needed most.

Streamlined communication systems

Reliable, streamlined communications systems for your business optimise your operations and drive down costs, making your communications systems central to improving your bottom line.

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Enterprise communications can be complex issues, particularly for larger businesses that incorporate video conferencing into their daily operations. ITS offers internal and inter‑location systems that are reliable and affordable.

ITS takes a proactive approach in analysing your business needs to develop the most effective communication systems package suited to you.

Whether it’s simple telephony systems for small businesses or complex multimedia contact centres, ITS is a leader in delivering tailored solutions that facilitate growth and are easy to use. Businesses across South Africa and beyond have benefited from ITS’s systems that deliver more effective communications and dramatically reduce downtime.

When it comes to video conferencing solutions, we can set up systems that serve various locations rather than individuals. Crystal-clear, high-definition audio and visual streaming enable instant communication that save travel time and costs for employees in enterprises with large footprints. Real-time decision making can be done via PCs, tablets, smartphones and more – up to 16 different endpoints can be brought together in an instant. It’s the next best thing to being there live – and you’re on-demand.

Call Centres

School Systems

Corporate Clients

Mobile Users

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Some of our business communications offerings include:

  • IP PBX telephony
  • Unified communications
  • Contact centre solutions
  • Mobility
  • Conferencing Voice-over-IP (VOIP)
  • Video conferencing
  • Fixed mobile convergence
  • Voice logging
  • Presence management
  • Voice and data solutions
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Reception Phone VoIP

  • 3.5 Inch (480 x 320) colour screen
  • 1 USB port for phone/device charging
  • 6 Programmable soft keys
  • Call hold, redial, call transfer, hotline, voicemail
  • Configurable dial plan
  • Compatible with major platforms: Asterisk, Broadsoft, Elastix, Avaya, Zycoo, 3CX etc.
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Desktop Phone 2SIP Colour Screen VoIP

  • IP Phone offers simplicity, elegance and a superior user experience
  • 2 SIP lines
  • HD Voice
  • Colour LCD screen
  • Smart user interface for easy installation and configuration
  • Compatible with major platforms: 3CX, Broadsoft, Elastix, Asterisk, Xorcom, etc 
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ITS PABX 20 Users 10 Calls 4 Port 1 GSM

  • 20 x Users
  • 10 x Max concurrent calls
  • 4 x Max FXO/FXS ports
  • 4 x Max BRI ports
  • 1 x Max GSM port
  • 1 x Cellular port
  • Voicemail: 5000 min (expandable)
  • Micro-SD call recording
  • 100mbps LAN/WAN
  • T.38 Fax
  • DC 12V 1A power
  • Wall or desk mountable