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Take your business wherever you go.

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Office telephone solutions

Say goodbye to outdated office based telephone solutions with the ultimate replacement for the office of the future.

The only product of its kind that offers you a fully-fledged office-based phone solution with the biggest advantage: No internet solution needed, no PABX in the cloud, no microwave links, ADSL lines, LTE’s or fiber lines required. No network cabling, no physical installation, no third party supplier (solution through MTN). Saving you time and money.

No data or airtime on your phone – NO problem! You call for FREE within your group.

Run your entire office telephone solution on GSM; just add the needed tools to control and monitor all staff.

Data solution

Every mobile worker requires data to function optimally.

Although the use of mobile data is not needed for the telephony component to function, the “new normal” requires all of society to be connected, and to function in the digital realm as well as the physical.

For these users, we offer a cost-effective and manageable data solution, that runs entirely on the technology we have become so accustomed to use on a daily basis.

We support the full spectrum from 3G, to HSDPA, to LTE, and soon, the 5G realm as well.

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Whether you’re an oceans’ professional or a nautic sports enthusiast, the SHARK-X3 is the waterproof mobile phone that’s suitable for all your activities. Onshore, offshore or in your demanding daily job routine, it accompanies you in all kinds of weather.

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Waterproof, study and equipped with a long battery life, the ACTION-X3’s outdoor DNA can be observed in its compact size and its innovative technology. Attach, recharge and transfer your data in a single step thanks to the magnetic X-LINK system.

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With a lens and functions worthy of the best action cams, the TREKKER-X4 was designed to accompany you on your most extreme expeditions but also to capture them. Thanks to its dedicated application, X-CAM, you can create your stories while filming, editing and sharing your achievements easily, and above all, instantly. Its intuitive use, its reinforcement, its shock resistance and its waterproofness also make it very comfortable to use, turning it into an everyday smartphone that is always ready for action, whether it’s at the other end of world or in your basement.

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With the CORE-T4 tablet, you’d never have believed you could bring your office so far. Industry, construction, catering, no matter the field in which it is used, the CORE-T4 tablet proves its performance, resistance and water tightness, even for the most mobile workers.

High-performance, it boasts the latest fast and fluid interface (Android 9), which allows you to always be mobile and efficient. Such resistance and efficacy are not a given in all tablets.

A mobilized workforce requires a Mobile PBX

The Mobile PBX System is a feature for feature premise-based PBX replacement solution, with full convergence to provide these PBX features on a mobile device. It provides all the functionality from a fully redundant, hosted environment, built and integrated into the Mobile GSM network.

A solution that suites your needs

A telephony system that is designed to meet the requirements for carrier-grade telecommunications infrastructure, which far exceeds that of typical on-premise PBX solutions. MPBX is also a fully converged fixed and mobile solution, combining the best features and benefits of traditional and VoIP fixed-line voice services, with Nationwide Voice coverage on Mobile Networks.

A solution that fits your financial and operational constraints

The system provides a fully secure and private PBX for an enterprise of any size and complexity. Your company will have access to all the familiar telephone management & administration systems needed to run a PBX, without having to be concerned with the underlying management and system maintenance of a complex enterprise-wide PBX implementation.

Last but not least: A mobile and simplified solution

Quite simply, MPBX removes all the complication from the enterprise and allows them to manage their day to day fixed and mobile communications requirements in a simple, coordinated and cost-effective manner.