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Get connected and stay connected.

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In today’s business world or educational institution, access to wireless internet is becoming critical. Whether it’s your employees being on the move or offering connectivity to visiting clients, having high-speed wireless connectivity is an expected service throughout the business production process.

ITS has a range of wireless connectivity solutions that are even more reliable than fixed-line internet connections; when bad weather damages underground cables and the internet goes down, wireless LTE and Fibre connections stay on.

For far-reaching wireless internet service solutions for your business, contact ITS. We’ll gladly send one of our experienced consultants to put together the best package for your needs.

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ITS will check your viability to receive Fibre Internet as well as provide you with the best solution for your school or business.

Fibre trunk cables form most of the backbone of the modern internet, and you’ll see the benefits of them even if you don’t have “fibre internet.” This is because the Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)—the switching and routing stations that connect your house to the rest of the world—use fibre optic trunk lines to connect to other IXPs.

Fibre optic cables use small glass fibers to transmit data using pulses of light. The light travels much like electricity would through a copper wire, but the advantage is that fibre cables can carry multiple signals at once.

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Fast wireless internet is very important in both business and education scenarios. Microwave provides a fixed wireless internet solution that can be customised to your specific needs. ITS will supply you with the most affordable and best-suited solution for your business and school.

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A Wireless ISP is a modern solution to internet connectivity. In the simplest terms, fixed wireless provides an internet connection to a single point such as a house, office or school in order to surf the internet, access your cloud-based Office 365 application, watch movies on Netflix or access any other internet-based application you can think of. 

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Fibre Infrastructure

ITS uses the newest fibre technology to solve any network infrastructure issues a business or school might have. We will check your viability for fibre as well as supply you with quotations on affordable fibre infrastructure solutions.

Benefits of Fibre

  • Greater bandwidth
  • Faster speeds with less signal degradation
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Better reliability
  • Immunity to temperature changes and carry no electric current
  • No fire hazard
  • More flexible for future upgrades within your organisation
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Copper Infrastructure

CAT5 and CAT6 networking cables are used to provide fast wired connectivity in any business or educational institution. From cabinets to switches, cables to network points, ITS provides a full solution to your infrastructure problems in any school or business.