Declaration and undertaking

I declare the particulars furnished on this form to be true and correct, and I undertake to comply with
the rules, regulations, policies, protocols and decisions of the school, and any amendments thereto,
which may be applicable to students and parents in general. I declare that I have read and
understood the applicable school rules and policies, Learner Contract, Policy of Drug and Alcohol
Abuse, Policy on Bullying and Harassment, ICT Policy, accessed on the website, and accept it as
binding on myself and the learner concerned.

School fees

I have read, understood and accept and consent to the financial policy of the school. I accept full
responsibility for all amounts due to the school. I agree to make such payments on or before the due
date stipulated by the financial policy of the school and failure to do so will result in handing the
account over for legal collection to the school’s appointed Attorneys. I confirm that I understand and
consent to all legal costs incurred in handing over my account for legal collection and understand that
such costs include but is not limited to attorneys cost, collection commission, interest and listing of the
account on the relevant credit bureau. I understand that an account overdue with more than 30 days
will be handed over for collection and interest will be levied on the outstanding amount. School fees
are payable in advance on or before the 7th of each month for the current month. Failure to pay
school fee on time will lead to the cancellation of the learner agreement and the learner will not be
allowed to return to class.

Admission Age

I declare that my child is of the minimum age of admission for the required grade and maximum
admission of atleast not above 18 years old for grade 12.


I hereby give permission that my child may attend any excursion organised by the school with the
permission of the principal. I understand that he/she will sometimes have to travel by bus or taxi to
different venues of educational value. These trips will have to be paid for when organised. The school
will use the best transport available at the lowest cost. I accept that the school will take the necessary
precautions to ensure the safety of my child. I will, however, not hold the school responsible in case
of an accident, loss of limb or life or any other damages to her/his person or property. I also
understand that this arrangement is necessary because it is sometimes difficult to get hold of parents
to sign the letter of consent before the trip can take place. In such instances the child is unfairly
prevented from attending a trip.

Prestige Values

I undertake to uphold the values of Prestige College Schools whenever I am involved in school
related functions or activities. I will also be available to attend parents’ meetings and functions to
support the education of my child. I will respond timeously to letters, SMS’s and calls made by the

Prestige College Schools hereby undertake to offer quality teaching and other services of a
high standard, to the best of our ability.
Please upload the following certified documents