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Computer Centres

ITS creates computer centres through tablet and laptop roll-outs customised to your specific requirements. We also supply charging trolleys for 16, 32 and 48 laptops or tablets.

  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Critical analysis
  • Teamwork
  • Independent thinking
  • Initiative
  • Communication
  • Digital literacy
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There are many laptops out there – some better than others. For a perfect balance of affordability, compatibility and power, we recommend the 15.6” HP 650 Notebook PC. It offers affordable performance in a sleek, professional package. Its high-quality components include an Intel® Core™ i3-2328M processor running at 2.2GHz, 4GB of RAM and a DVD-RW optical drive. It also features 500GB of storage for your files and folders.

The laptop features a range of connectivity options, including 802.11b/g/n wireless, Bluetooth® 4.0, and HDMI and VGA connectors. The integrated webcam enables you to keep in touch no matter where you are. Videos and images will look stunning on the 15.6″ LED backlit HD anti-glare screen, with the help of Intel® integrated graphics. With its matte black charcoal finish, it looks good both inside and out.

The HP 650 comes with genuine Microsoft® Windows® 8 Professional 64-bit pre-installed and boasts a battery life of up to 6 hours. With its ENERGY STAR® qualification, it also offers eco-friendly performance, and for added peace of mind, it is backed by a one year warranty.

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Multiseat Computing Solutions

Multiseat computing is the new, more efficient way to set up classrooms and offices with powerful computers that are more efficient and take up less space. With a single central PC that can be linked to several users, costs can be kept down while still delivering the same exceptional working experience.

The technology works by having a central PC with excess computing power that can be leveraged for other individuals to use. Up to ten users can be linked to a single specialised PC, reducing the number of individual computers in the environment and therefore bringing down cost, heat and noise.

ITS has sourced easily-manageable multiseat computing systems that can be adapted to various environments for maximal efficiency and cost savings. Compared to traditional individual PC deployment, multiseat computing can reduce energy consumption by up to 80%, decrease noise and heat by up to 90% and save up to 2.5 watts per user.
One of the biggest advantages of multiseat computing is that it has been designed to be easy to use  with plug-and-play USB connectivity, adding users couldn’t be easier. No additional installations or wiring are required, making it simple for IT professionals and users alike. ITS has brought multiseat computing systems to schools and businesses across Gauteng, and we would be happy to send one of our consultants to assess your needs and come up with a comprehensive solution tailored for you.