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Intercom and Sound

On-site inspections

Our teams will gladly do an on-site inspection for your business or school to determine what system would work best for your requirements. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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School intercoms provide for:

  • Emergency calls
  • Room to room communication
  • PA system to broadcast announcements
  • Paging
  • Duress alarm codes that spread quickly

Audio visual turnkey solutions:

  • School halls – sound and lightning
  • Classrooms
  • Entertainment areas
  • Boardroom equipment
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Communicating with students, staff and visitors on school premises is easy with the right intercom and announcer system. ITS has sourced premium intercom systems that are durable and effective, where each system is tailored to your specifications and needs. Features of typical intercom systems include:

  • Single link two-way communication
  • Master to master dialling
  • Master to sub PA and handset dialling
  • Individual, eight groups and all call
  • Priority cancel on masters
  • Programming mode
  • Auto accept call back from subs
  • Digital call back display
  • Call back diversion to any master
  • Two change of period and evacuation tone
  • Auto cancel
  • Special numbers